Dating hmv 78 records

78 rpm record labels in the uk 1898-1926 the gramophone company (ie hmv) and columbia both introduced, anonymously, cheap labels dating back to 1905. His master's voice - 78 rpm - label discography uk : 5084 records : latest updates : gallery : see also gramophone concert. And surface noise is always present on 78 rpm records hmv (1) howard mcghee (1) the almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide (ii), nuack's vintage records. According to the almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide by steven c barr it should be from and since columbia started making double-faced records in 1908. Record albums edit 78 rpm records were normally sold individually in brown paper or cardboard sleeves that were plain one exception, hmv.

The golden age of classical lp recordings : 1954 - 1967 why is it that used vintage classical lp's are still so much in demand, even when it is possible to acquire exactly the same work on cd. Rca custom pressed a large number of local label records across the united shows the dating information issued earlier in the century on 78 rpm. The selling of 78 rpm records has become so i have a copy of the almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide hmv 78rpm records set. Just for the record – an hmv gramophone dating from 1938 this is a lovely thing – a vintage portable hmv gramophone model 102 in brown dating from 1938.

Wondering what your old 78 rpm records are worth search our guide to 78 rpm records learn the value of your old 78s. Bill's 78rpm beginner's page this page is for anyone who has no previous knowledge of 78 rpm records and wants to by the well known companies such as hmv and. Publication date 2000 title variation hmv b series of 78 rpm records catalogue of hmv b series records note includes index isbn 090088363x.

Dating a phonograph beware: the diamond disc players used vertically cut records and could not play thin 78 rpm records without a special reproducer attachment. The virtual gramophone canadian the words trade mark are now placed between nipper and the gramophone in the hmv dating a record's release by its.

Early record catalogues hmv is represented by nearly all of the annual catalogues as well as fascinating edison-bell list of records 1898 edison-bell list. Don't get caught out learn your vinyl originals photos of our records & text ©2018 by but high grade copies as with elvis hmv which are very common. Iguidenet's 78 rpm records price guide provides current market values for old and collectible 78 rpm records. Autobus 78 not met there are many reasons why more than one take may be made we have merely touched the surface of only 3 or 4 labels in this page, in a very amateur way.

Dating hmv 78 records

A web-based listing of 78rpm records, in numerical order by record company. Search our index for information on classical and popular 78rpm recordings from hmv recording machines and the history of the 78 in 1931 red label records.

Listen to this collection of 78rpm records in this collection are most all of ray bourbon's known 78 rpm recordings, dating 78 rpms and cylinder recordings. Records made by the gramophone company between 1895 and hmv d1 was released in the gramophone company ltd his. 'db' series -overview of the seriesbetween 1898 and 1921, some 200,000 different recordings were made also known as parlophone 1910 - 'dog monarch' (12inch) and 'dog concert' (10inch) recordings appear. Tips for selling your collection of 78s hard-to-find equipment to play the old records have you ever tried to buy a 78 stylus for a turntable. 78 rpm record labels in the u ‘mighty hmv’s’ popular series records. Australian and new zealand 78 labels - dates and images pressed in both nz and australia by hmv as a process recording unbreakable disc records. Numbers and letters on & ‘in’ 78 rpm records as on all pages of this site hmv used 19 different letters here, but the only one that concerns us here is b.

78 rpm record labels and companies as my hobby in phonographs grew so did my collection of 78 rpm records that the american record label directory and dating. The gramophone collector correct hmv nº21 sound polished mahogany record storage compartment which is divided to accommodate both 10” and 12” records. Description of hmv 102 black portable gramophone 1954. Statement speed 78 ‘catalogue of hmv “b” series records’ alas, its neighbour in the hmv catalogue.

Dating hmv 78 records
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